ImGRAFT is an opensource image georectification and feature tracking toolbox for MATLAB.
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  • Feature tracking between image pairs using template matching. [example]
  • Full processing line from feature tracking to georectification. [example]
  • Distorted camera model. This allows the use of cheaper camera setups.
  • Avoiding traditional image registration as a pre-processing step as it degrades the images due to resampling. ImGRAFT will instead optimize camera view for each image. [example]
  • Projecting between pixel and real world coordinates. 2D ↔ 3D [documentation]
  • Easily scriptable as it is a toolbox. [tips]
  • Minimal dependencies. (No other toolboxes required).
  • Inputs to feature tracking: two images
  • Inputs to georectification: a DEM and some ground control points.
Citation: Messerli, A. and Grinsted, A.: Image GeoRectification And Feature Tracking toolbox: ImGRAFT, Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 4, 23-34, 2015doi:10.5194/gi-4-23-2015

We hope you will find this package useful. We would be grateful for any feedback and example use-cases. We are also open to collaboration. 


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  • Updated ImGRAFT paper published Our updated manuscript outlining the ImGRAFT toolbox has now been published in the journal Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems.The paper includes numerous new figures that aid the explanation ...
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  • 2014 velocity and flux for five major Greenland outlet glaciers using ImGRAFT and Landsat-8 Our second paper using ImGRAFT is now in discussion in the Cryosphere discussions. In this paper we apply ImGRAFT to Landsat 8 images to measure the velocity & discharge of five ...
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  • ImGRAFT paper is in discussion Our manuscript on the ImGRAFT toolbox is in discussion for the relatively new EGU open access journal Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems. Citation: Messerli, A. and Grinsted, A.: Image ...
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